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寝る前に....random two shots

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一ヶ月まえに撮った写真です...このサイトにポストするのを忘れてしまいました OTL
(-_-) This is what I called,troublesome,running multiple blogs.

I was trying out the sd16 outfit I got on Zi,to see whether does he fit in these clothes...
Well he did,but my camera's battery died after two shots -_____-||
and so this explains why there's only 2 photos 8)

as according to what I've planned,there should be a sequel after the second shot,but I got lazy and was too busy to continue after my battery recharged.So the plan has been postponed till now :/ Furthermore,I've got so many new ideas in my brain,so I've no choice but to plan the whole thing all over again- -....Sigh

テーマ : スーパードルフィー    ジャンル : 趣味・実用

Christmas Angel :)

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Here comes my present from Crobidoll ^0^
2011 Christmas UNICEF event limited Ziwoo :)
I thought he will only be home the earliest by tomorrow ^_^ but he came home at least a day or two earlier than my expectation ^0^
On with the box opening !
XD The big box!
and Crobi is so nice by writing own the names on the box too ^_^
I have mine on the box XD
The certificate the letter and the file!(that's my second clear file @_@...I've got one and using it right now )
The greeting card ^_^
It has the "UNICEF" logo on the back 0A0!!
My favourite XD!!!! The stickers ^0^ I just love that Yeon ho's expression hehes
and here's the letter!
The letter from Crobi is really really sweet and it warmed up my heart !
and I'm so excited seeing the doll!...but......
this boy gave me a heart attack OTL

here's the head I guess his head was removed for face up purposes and they didn't secure him back......

I really love the face up!
...I had an image of him in mind when I saw his pictures ^_^
so I went to dig out the wig and the outfit before opening up!


and finally ,let me introduce my boy
His name's Zi (pronounced as Zee) I'm taking the first two letters off his official name ^-^.
He has such a wonderful meaning to me,so I'm trying my best to keep him original yet unique.(eh?)
Also it's because I'm not good at naming......OTL(so I figured the simple way out ^_^"")
Lastly!An early X'mas present I've prepared for the boy ^0^!
A gift welcoming him to join the crew too!

...Guess what??
I felt so bad for En D:
The wig Zi's wearing is actually En's (-_-'') the outfit and necklace too,were initially bought for En OTL...but dear En has too many outfits yet to be tried on...So ^_^"""""...ahahha.....
テーマ : スーパードルフィー    ジャンル : 趣味・実用

An unexpected new crew!

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Blogging while resting on bed now...
I wanted to get it posted here yesterday...but it seems that the sudden surprise got eaten up by the flu viruses.I regained my energy for 20minutes and I got KO'd again for the rest of the day

Kz,on with the topic ;)
There was a post which I had posted talking about the Unicef charity fund raising Winter event etc etc
I didn't save a picture of the nine tailed Yeon ho D: the picture was so adorable!!(and I thought it's going to be there afterwards -_-)

Crobi has finally updated the site yesterday,I think at around 2pm Korea Time(?),revealing the identity of their " blind item"...!!


*cough,regain composure*
So,the secret item which cost 200usd is a new limited doll!!The boy's name Ziwoo,I think he's under Crobi's R line series.
At first I contemplated whether to order or not...Not that I'm not interested in helping...It's how many percent of the money is going into charity?Now I know the entire 200bucks is going to be donated!
I didn't expect that the secret item is a 1/3 doll,with face up!*jaw dropped*I was expecting some limited outfit or a blank head...or even figurines -.-"
Fine,I'll take back my cynicism :)

G'job Crobi!
This is really going to be the best X'mas/B'day present ever!(I've no idea when will I get mine o_o)I'm even happier about the fact that I managed to help the needys!

Up with excitement and down with flu

Ahhhh!-.-I was thinking to rant about something but I shall throw away the thought.

Picture says a thousand words.
Nothing much to comment
Good Job,SMRT -_-

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