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A trip,dedicated to a fangirl ;) Part 1 ?

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It's my 9th visit to the country :) And the shortest among all.
The previous trips were at least,a minimum 14days stay but it's only 4 days this time round.It wasn't that short in total though,if the HK trip was included.The first half of the week was spent in HK and Macau and flew over to JP in the latter part of the week.

Here's Arc.The boy which I did plan of bringing him along which I did not in the end to raise the curtain of the first part of the photos!
I'll call this part,the Hakuouki dedicated post 8)
P/S: Arc is a Souji GR from Volks.

So on day 1 8) I made a visit to the Animate Cafe (again,I'm staying in the same hotel XD). This was my initial motive of visiting Japan in the first place ^0^"
Saw the site and it stated that the theme of the month is "Hakuouki Reimeiroku" .
It was a pretty rush trip,I was so worried that it might be too crowded during dinner peak.I don't have an animate membership,and free entries are restricted to weekdays only.It was already a Thursday night and my flight back to SG was on Sunday.So I'm only left with a day and a half to try my luck.
And thankfully 8D It wasn't AS CROWDED AS what I thought.

So the polite waitress led us to the seat XD.
I was so overjoyed to see the characters on the table!
On my side was Saito!

And it's Souji!!!On sis's side.
She did ask if I want to exchange seats with her ,since she knows that how much I liked the character...But nah,I rejected ^^;...Simply because I felt it's weird, to have food on his face XDDDD

And here's Souji's image drink 8) : Kiwi soda with konpeitou.
I've never tried a KIWI flavoured soda before but it appears that this drink tasted pretty good! At least I did like it 8D

And the character coasters I got,after ordering two drinks ;)
I was a little disappointed that I got Hijikata and Harada's instead of Souji's.
And I have no free time to make a second visit on the next day to try my luck (And I'm REALLY FULL,AFTER THE MEAL.No space for me to take a second drink)

Here's Yamazaki's image dish ^^;The soba with salmon tororo on it.The taste was decent,too.

And here's Saito's image dish O: . It's a tofu steak :3 . Yummy!

Lastly,the Ochimizu dessert XDDDDDD I'd say this is really the best out of all!
Sis was dragged to the cafe with me,she only knows that I'm crazy over this anime/game but has 0 knowledge about the story.So it was like a lesson at the same time while we were enjoying the food :3 She caught up real fast,by telling me :" so you're planning to turn into an oni huh?*points to the dessert*" XD Honestly that was what I had in mind.

A little walk in the cafe after the meal :3....
GYAH! This chibi Souji is dammmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+A+"

Saito's too!!!!

There were character boards in the cafe... I think I'm born pretty TALL?(though there are friends who are taller than me....)To add on,I was wearing heeled sneakers during the visit -A-. So I guess I somehow reached 170 during then?Now guess how surprised I was when I saw the boards....Souji's was taller than me -A-! Saito and Heisuke and Chizuru were the only ones that were shorter than me-__________________-|| So they went for 1:1 height huh?


And on the third day 8)
We spent the entire morning,queuing under the hot sun for hours,just for the new outfits -_-; A dang 31~32 degrees,without any shade nor wind =A= for a good 2 hours.All we had was the mini umbrella and fan which we bought at the station the night before.
Sis was basically complaining about the heat throughout the entire queuing session,and of course, I was literally bombarded by her nags the whole time= =.She didn't complain much other than feeling sleepy the last time when I dragged her to the Kyoto Dolpa with me....-_-;
She said we need to shop to our max when it was finally our turn to enter the shop...
And with two baskets full of stuffs O_O''
I opposed the idea =A= ,at first.
Sis:" not like you can't afford right!"
Me : " Eh aunty ar I really can't afford lor!How do you expect me to still have money after sponsoring the family the entire trip?! (+ after getting my piano. gawddang it about 9 of my purple notes flew away in less than 3 days=_=)"
Sis: "-_- fine. Go get whatever you like,I'll foot the bill!"

These were what we bought,as the end result of the above conversation.

And here's the total OTL Well,thanks though!

Then we headed to another Hakuouki theme collaborated izakaya :Hana no mai,which is located pretty close to the hotel I stayed.

Just nice,they changed the menu(for the drinks...) on the day I arrived !
Here's a rough shot of the menu :3
It seems like,they are only providing cocktails and mocktails for the character imaged drinks.... :/
Well,I'm not allowed to touch alcoholic stuffs .(I always think it's ironic,I'm the ONLY ONE not allowed to touch alcohol stuffs,when my family has been doing alcohol related business for the last 30+ years? )

-_-; Thankfully they have mocktails. So here's what I ordered :3
Souji's image drink XD It's kiwi based,if I'm not wrong?....Actually it tasted pretty weird,or maybe it's me who isn't used to stuffs like this.-_-;;?

And here's sis's : Saito's image drink,a ramune base mocktail.(It appears that Saito happens to be sis's favourite character huh o_O?)

And here's Chizuru image dessert :D
It tasted ok,but it's cute! ^-^

AND FINALLY!!!I GOT THE ONES I WANT!!!!+A+ (The chibi Soujis are so adorable and so are the chibi Saitos +A+!!!

I got Chikage's character card for the dessert too XD!

So here are the parts for the Hakuouki themed stuffs !
I'll be uploading the rest part by part later !^-^

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