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another update

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Soooo these photos are the ones taken yesterday at Octa Hotel :D
(Which was the second meet I had in 3days.........)
The ones on Thursday are still under editting process and right now I still have a handful of the ones taken yesterday waiting to be checked OTL
Yet this person here has completely no idea nor the mood to do anything at the moment =_=
Fine, I'm such a slacker. So I'm posting the ones which I took with my phone now!

Arc and Aud's Satoru :3

Moar Arc

Voli's Christ

Joey's Keiji XD ..... Supposedly a student but turned out looking more like a mafia instead.....

Jo's twins

Kag's girl...I forgot her name eeps!

And more of Arc and Satoru , after getting labelled as the couple by a group of curious passerbys LOL

D: forgot to take the little ones alamak!
I have the photos in my slr though...

And that's all for the day:)
More to be updated soon!

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