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K1's revolution ! >;3

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Starting the post with an old photo of this boy :D
When he first arrived :3

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I don't know why but I always have this impression,that Reisner,suits to be a S.(どs系似合うよね。。。)
'__' but something about his face just wasn't right.

So even though I own a Reisner triplets,I'm playing with K2 more than 1 and 3 '_'
Since K2 is the one which totally fit into the settings of a cool appearance but gentle at heart.

so in the start of 2013, I decided to approach J for help :/
this is going to be the last time I'm doing something about the sculpt :/ I don't bear to sell the Reisners away,so most likely he's going to be sitting on the shelf if he still doesn't fit into the character after the revamp... OTL

and here's the end result 'A'

 photo IMG_0765r_zps5d0e8080.jpg

After waiting for 2 months,K1 came home.(On the day which I contracted a fever due to BL mod,damn it right?)
I really realllllyyy like the mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!O.O amazing work J has done OMG!but what about the character....

Sis saw him,and commented that this character must be a S!
Without me telling her of the settings..OMG
Ok now I should be doing something about his wig then...
His faceup is finally right,but the hair isn't!!!!!!

So on the flickr tag game, I changed his hair to a black wig to see the effect.
 photo IMG_1583r_zps4f702f43.jpg

until...the order from this dealer has finally came (-_- ) I totally forgot I did order these back in the CNY period.

 photo IMG_1608r_zpsc8eb765d.jpg


Here's the final image for K1 ^-^
and I seriously,love him !
 photo IMG_1613r_zps0c240736.jpg

 photo IMG_1615r_zps4728cbc4.jpg


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