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Naming o___o"

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The most random topic between me and sis moments ago (-_-||)
Initially I had no intention of posting this photo here.
It's a photo taken on the last weekend,and because of personal reason it wasn't a pleasant day for me lol.
Even the edits went accordingly to my mood,which kind of messed up in the end OTL

 photo IMG_2219r2_zps3837da93.jpg

and sis was looking at my screen and said

Sis: " You should seriously consider to add the pinyin of his name by the side of his profile huh?"

Me: " Ar?what's with that randomness"

Sis : "I'm very sure the calligraphic characters will cause some confusion in the pronunciation"

Me:.......you did?

Sis " right"

Me;" sis you seriously need to get your eyes checked manzzzz"


(-__-) so she pointed out that most likely the name will be messed up.
ok fine.
so here's the only photo which I hadn't posted and has his name on it.

It's pronounced as Yue Yuan.
There's something missing in the second character. Cos I can't seemed to find the word from the calligraphy generator!!!



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